Dental Bridges

When you are missing a tooth or you need a tooth extracted, you probably immediately think about what your mouth, tooth, or smile will look like. Dental bridges are great options for tooth replacement.

There are four different types of dental bridge to accommodate your unique needs:

  • Traditional Bridge. A traditional dental bridge is the most popular type of dental bridge and the most versatile. It works best when the missing tooth is located between two other stable teeth and can be cemented permanently into place.
  • Cantilever Bridge. A cantilever dental bridge is one that is held into place with two connected teeth together, allowing for the extension of one tooth posteriorly (gains the function of one missing tooth).
  • Maryland Bridge. A Maryland dental bridge requires two natural teeth on each side of the false tooth. However, instead of using a dental crown, it uses a metal frame that is bonded onto the back to hold the tooth in place.
  • Implant-supported Bridge. As the name states, an implant-supported bridge uses dental implants to support the false tooth.

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